What’s Holding You Back?


One thing that paralyzes, it holds us from moving forward, is soul ties. We can have them with our past ministry, friends, family, culture, pets, places, items and things. You can’t say no to man, to your emotions, because your soul is tied up to something else and not Jesus. We are made of three parts: spirit, soul and body. Then the soul has three parts: mind, will and emotions that flow from the heart. God is in the business of winning our whole soul back to Him completely. Beloved, we must be willing to cut off ungodly soul ties, if we are going to follow Jesus. Soul ties pull us back to our will, to our flesh. They hold us back from our destiny, freedom and truth. Our soul must love God first (all of our mind, all of our heart, all that is within us). This is the first commandment. Most of the trouble is not even the devil for some people but that their soul is tied to something or someone else. Satan will give us what our soul wants and in excess. Colossians 3:5 talks about inordinate affection—meaning unregulated, exceeding reasonable limits, unregulated excess behavior. You can’t fulfill your destiny if you have a soul tie. It will distract you and pull you away from the life of God. How to break soul ties? Everybody wants a formula. Not easy, but it is as simple as: just obey His Word. Repent. Let them go and let God always be the first. Your not bond but free!

Pastor Barrington Rawls